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Dr OTEK Pinpointer MT6 Pro

Overall Score 4.4 / 5

Price: 5 | Functionality: 4 | Ease Of Usage: 4.5 | Weight: 3.8 | Our Test: 4.5

In the world of metal detecting, having the right tools can make all the difference. The Dr. OTEK Pinpointer MT6 is a game-changer, and in this review, we’ll dive into its features, performance, and why it’s a must-have for any serious detectorist.

Key Features of the Dr OTEK MT6 Pinpointer

Precision Sensing – The Pinpointer MT6 boasts a cutting-edge sensing technology that allows you to pinpoint targets with unparalleled accuracy. No more aimless digging; this device hones in on your treasure.

Built to Last – Crafted with durability in mind, this pinpointer is rugged and built to withstand the rigors of outdoor use. It’s water-resistant, so you can hunt in various conditions without worry.

Easy Operation – The one-touch operation simplifies the user experience. Even beginners can quickly grasp its functionality, making it suitable for detectorists of all skill levels.

Audio and Vibration Alerts – The MT6 provides both audio and vibration alerts, allowing you to detect targets even in noisy environments or underwater, giving you ultimate flexibility.

LED Flashlight – An integrated LED flashlight ensures you won’t miss your target even in low-light conditions, extending your hunting time.

Field Test Results

Silver Ring: 8.5 inches

Penny: 9 inches

Hammer coin: 9 inches

Gold Ring:  9 inches

Pros and Cons


  • Unparalleled precision in pinpointing targets
  • Rugged and water-resistant construction
  • User-friendly one-touch operation
  • Audio and vibration alerts for versatility
  • Integrated LED flashlight for low-light hunting


  • Slightly heavier than some competitors

Overall, The Dr. OTEK Pinpointer MT6 is a standout accessory for metal detector enthusiasts. Its pinpoint accuracy, durability, and ease of use make it a valuable addition to your detecting toolkit. While it’s not the lightest option available, its performance more than makes up for the minor inconvenience. If you’re serious about treasure hunting, the Pinpointer MT6 is a must-have that will enhance your metal detecting adventures.

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